27 Beach Wedding Groom Attire Ideas

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Getting married abroad or on holiday is a perfect way to relax and marry your partner on a beautiful beach allowing you to have stunning photos that capture you getting married with the sea and waves in the background.

The sound of the sea and the sand in your feet, a perfect beach wedding is a beautiful thing.

For guys the question of what to wear comes up, it’s hot, the sun is on you, sandy and you may even get your feet wet, so what do you wear for a beach wedding? It doesn’t matter if you are the groom, groomsmen or just a guest, a 3 piece suit is still possible however here are 27 other options to consider.

Mens Beach Wedding Attire Ideas

Here are 27 options of different groom attire you can wear for your beach wedding ensuring you feel comfortable, cool and look the part too.

Those are some great ideas, but what should you wear to your beach wedding? Here are some things you should consider.

Beach Wedding – What to Wear?

For men, beach weddings may be a little trickier to get suited up for compared to traditional wedding venues. There are many factors to consider when getting dressed for a beach wedding, and after considering these, there’s no limit to how creative you can be with your beach wedding attire. Here’s a complete guide on what to wear to a beach wedding for men.

1. Consider the invitation

If you’re unsure how to even get started with what to wear, read the invitation again and read it closely. The invitation will give you clues as to what direction to go with your beach wedding attire. These days, beach weddings are not necessarily laid back, wear-your-Hawaiian-shirt type of events.

Beach weddings can be formal events as well. Check to see if the invitation you got specifies the attire. It could say formal, beach formal, semi-formal, cocktail, or even casual. If the invitation doesn’t specify the particular attire, get a feel for the theme or style of the invitation. Better yet, it never hurts to ask anyone from the bridal party.

The invitation will also specify the time of the event. Day weddings usually call for lighter colored clothing, while darker colors are appropriate for night or sunset weddings. The location will also give you a clue as to the formality of the event. Make sure to amp your outfit up a bit if the location is in a high-end ballroom. Less formal locations also mean less formal outfits.

2. Go for comfort

Remember that beach weddings generally mean outdoors. Depending on the weather, you’ll want to dress comfortably for the occasion. Since most beach weddings are held during the summer or spring seasons, you can expect the weather to either be hot or with a slight chill.

You wouldn’t want to be sweating through your clothing, so wear lighter fabrics. Men’s beach style wedding attires typically include light linens and breathable cottons.

Also, try not to layer on too much. A suit jacket can be appropriate, if at all needed. For beach formalwear, linen suits in light colors will go well for any type of wedding, day or night. You can match a linen suit with a plain or printed shirt, anything that isn’t too loud in design. For cocktail events, pants and a long-sleeved shirt will suffice. You can wear an appropriate tie, if desired, but there’s a guarantee that the tie will probably come off at some point in the celebration.

For less formal events, you can go for plain khaki pants and a short sleeve shirt. You can think about nice island-style clothing and go from there. You can just go ahead and say no to wearing shorts, regardless of whatever type of wedding you’re going to, no matter how relaxed, no matter how nice the shorts are. It is a wedding after all. Also, include tank tops to the no list.

3. Shoes

Footwear for beach weddings can be tricky. Some beach weddings will suggest or even require you to take off your shoes for some or all parts of the wedding celebration. Some weddings might be divided into a beach ceremony and an indoor reception.

You’ll want to wear something you can easily slip on and off. You’ll have to also decide whether or not you’ll be wearing socks. Remember that you’re likely to get sandy toes in a beach wedding, regardless of whether you take your shoes off or not. Wear nice shoes, but wear ones that you’ll be comfortable walking in the sand with. Slip-ons are generally the go-to shoes for beach weddings.

You can wear them and take them off without having to worry about socks. Supplies to clean your feet are generally provided for these types of affairs, so you don’t have to worry about having sand in your shoes for the after-party. Depending on how casual the wedding is, you might get away with wearing boat shoes. Don’t wear sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops. They’re just not appropriate even with a casual affair. Remember that you’ll be dressed up from head to ankles, so make sure your toes follow suit.

4. For the groom

Beach attires for grooms should follow some of the same guidelines. Comfort is top priority, especially since the groom is the other half of the main event. Linen suits are a typical go to for grooms on the big day, but there’s nothing stopping you from wearing a traditional suit even on the beach. You are the groom after all. For some couples, color coordinating and style trumps anything else. It’s your call. Whites and light colors look great against a beach backdrop, so that’s something to think about in regards to wedding photography.

As far as accessories and details go, many grooms opt for bow ties or no ties at all for a beach wedding. A crisp shirt will go well with any suit without a tie, also depending on how formal your event is. As the groom, you should have a jacket on; otherwise, you might be mistaken as just one of the guests. It is also nicer to have a full matching suit rather than separates, especially for pictures.

Suspenders are a great hit lately, as it looks swell once the dancing starts and the suit jacket comes off. Cuff links are not exactly necessary, again, unless your wedding is a highly formal event.

Being the groom, you’ll likely be barefoot for the beach ceremony with no other option. This is actually a great thing for you, because once you’ve cleaned the sand from your toes, you can wear your most stylish albeit comfortable shoes for the reception.

Getting dressed for a beach wedding doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember, the beach is fun and relaxing at the same time. Visualize that in your head while you shop, and you’re guaranteed to pick the right beach wedding attire.

What will you be wearing on your wedding day? Are you wearing shorts?

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