The Complete Guide to Groomsmen Attire

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Wedding Attire Ideas for the Groomsmen and how to look stylish while not upstaging the Groom! So What Should The Groomsmen Wear?

Men tend to have quite a laid-back, easy approach when it comes to picking their attires. But gentlemen, when it comes to picking out your wedding attire, we wish to point out that it is not as simple as merely walking over to your closet and pulling out the first thing you grab to wear.

Here is a guide to groom and groomsmen unique attires for you:

What Should The Groomsmen Wear?

Our guide to what the groomsmen should wear and if their attire should match or mis-match the groom.

Should they match?

For girls, it’s so easy to decide how to match, choose a color theme and plan how they’re going to coordinate to complement one another. For men, it’s not that easy because such outfit-coordination does not really come naturally to them.

Ask men to plan a football game and you’d see them spring into action within moments but tell them to plan their attires for their best friend’s wedding and you’d be lucky to elicit a response. But you gotta trust us on this one, the effort is worth it in the end.

So let’s address the most confusing decision for you first: should your groomsmen match? Yes, traditionally it really look visually appealing for the groomsmen to have a similar color palettes. Leaving your groomsmen to choose their own outfits will have them turning up in shades of navy, grey, pinstripes, tux and even shorts, while you’re at the Altar.

It’s best to coordinate their style and color but making their attires vary slightly from the groom’s would be good. If all the men settle for navy suits for example, choosing a different tie for the groom from the groomsmen ties would be the best step.

Or if the groom decides to wear a black tux then putting the groomsmen in midnight blue would look unique yet coordinated too.

Navy Suits

Grooms are at liberty to go as fancy and traditional as they like, just as it is up to the bride to choose her style. However, if you’re one of those grooms who wants something nice but not as classic, traditional and fancy and black, then a navy suit would be a great choice for you.

This one is a traditional yet more casual and lighthearted and you can also play with the choice of fabrics. If yours is to be a summer wedding, then a navy suit in cotton would suit the heat better instead of the heavy black.

Grey Wedding Suits

If you’re looking for versatile options for your winter day-wedding, then we recommend grey suits. Grey is somewhat more casual than the classic black but it is a friendly color with all other winter color palettes.

Hence, picking grey suits for your entire team is a good way to look trend-forward in your winter wedding well the color blends nicely with your overall wedding theme.

Khaki Suits

Khaki suits are a splendid choice for those who’re planning to get married in the thick of summers. And while many prefer to choose a darker-colored suit for the groom while putting the groomsmen in khaki, we advise you against it.

Choosing khaki for the entire team the groom and his attendants, looks even more pleasing visually. Khaki is warm, light, fun and casual and it blend so smoothly into summer receptions. Let’s say if you put the groom in a navy, grey or black suit or tux while his groomsmen are all in khaki, you can already imagine the final result will out you off visually.

Mismatched Groomsmen Ideas

Now if you’re after a more lighthearted, fun and easy look, then one good option is to go with different colored jackets atop mismatch dress pants. The entire look will be breezier, more comfortable to carry off and deliver a lighthearted, fun-loving note too.

Groom and Groomsmen Attire ideas

here are some great ideas for how to match and look stylish, or go a little different.

Mismatched Ties

How about some mix and match fun? If you don’t want to go for a typical, traditional look then why not mix and match things but safely? One way to experiment safely with your color palette for the day and not mess up is to give each groomsman a different tie design or color.

We know this option works beautifully for spring weddings, where you can utilize several vibrant colors for an upbeat theme. You could make this mismatched-look coordinate with your theme by giving each groomsman a boutonniere that matches his tie color.

Should the Groom and Best man wear the same?

Traditionally the groom would wear something to differentiate themselves form the rest of the groomsmen, however you may wish your best man to stand out slightly from the rest of the party.

The Groomsmen Attire – Who Pays?

As far as tradition goes, the common practice is for the attendants and the groomsmen to rent their own tuxes or suits. If you’re going the traditional route, you must be clear and direct about the expected prices with your groomsmen.

However, it would a heartwarming gesture on your part to include your groomsmen in the selection process. Or if you’re comfortable with letting the boys wear their own suits, you can give them guidelines, such as whether you’re settling for navy, grey or black. Also, we know letting them wear their own suits would absolutely thrill the guys and if they can abide by the guidelines, why not let them?

If you’re a trifle nervous about this, you could always ask them to wear their outfit and send you a photo ahead of the wedding. This way, if you’re not satisfied you could encourage them to rent or purchase another.

ReadWho’s pays for what at a wedding

Final Thoughts

Who says the bride and her bridesmaid have to steal all the spotlight? The groom and his groomsmen can share the attention alright with the right choice of attire for the big day. Planning the groom and his groomsmen’s attires is just as essential as planning for the girls.

From the outfit choice, to the color, tie patterns and colors, bow ties, suit or tuxedo choice and accessories, a lot of effort and coordination goes into the final look for the men. With our precise and doable guide, you’ll surely put a fantastic outfit for your upcoming nuptials easily.

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