5 Groom Suit Styles for Every Wedding

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Your wedding day is probably one of the most special days of your life, so it’s no surprise that it calls for the perfect suit.

If you pick one out correctly, you can wear it time and again, even after your big day. In terms of groom’s fashion, there’s a lot to learn and uncover.

Best Wedding suits for the Groom

There are morning suits, casual suits, formal suits, and those too come in different fabrics like velvet, silk, or heavy tweeds. Before you head out to shop, allow us to help make the journey easier. Here is a list of 5 groom suit styles that are so versatile they will perfectly complement any wedding event.

The Tuxedo

Tuxedos are a timeless and sophisticated element of traditional groom attire. The key difference between a suit and a tuxedo is that the latter has more satin details. These include satin buttons, satin lapels, and satin lined on the pant leg.

For a formal wedding, a black tuxedo, paired with matching trousers and a white shirt, will never let you down. You can top off the look with either a tie or a bow tie. If you are going for a more contemporary look, pick a blue satin fabric. For footwear, a classic pair of Oxfords or shiny shoes will add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

If you have a tall and lean frame, opt for a double-breasted jacket to accentuate your shoulders. Color-blocked pocket squares and cufflinks will add a stylish flair to your suit.

Pastel Suits

If black and blue suits are too conventional and you wish to try something striking yet elegant, then pastel suits are your go-to. Pink suits are currently very trendy, and you can easily pair them with colors like mauve, white, gray, and black. If the wedding is outdoors, how about choosing a more whimsical look by adding a floral shirt and a dazzling bow tie.

A pastel blue three-piece suit is also a great option if you are trying to pull off a trendy look. Sure, a two-piece looks great, but a waistcoat ensures that you look dashing even without a jacket.

To maintain a traditional appeal, you can pair it with a white shirt. However, if you are trying to go all out with absolutely zero care, then a patterned shirt will do the job. Add a plain or patterned bow tie and finish the look with brown moccasins.

A Grey Two-piece Suit

The gray two-piece suit is perfect for when you host a wedding with a relaxed atmosphere. It is a design that combines comfort with sophistication and fits well with all ranges of dress code. Whether it’s a city or country wedding, rest assured that the gray suit will complement most color schemes and party themes.

You can pick from a range of gray hues. Light gray is best for that casual yet smart look, while dark and charcoal gray are perfect for making a bold statement. If you choose a light gray suit, combine it with a white shirt and a dark tie. On the other hand, you can pair your dark/charcoal gray suit with a matching dark tie, colored shirt, and pocket square.

Linen Suits

Linen suits are perfect for summer weddings or a wedding by the beach. The key selling point of this type of wedding suit is that it helps you stay cool and prevents armpit sweat stains. Thanks to its breathable fabric, you don’t have to worry about sweating excessively. Moreover, linen suits are available in a range of colors and styles that perfectly align with your needs.

For a beach wedding, we recommend the color beige. It will beautifully complement the backdrop. Other neutral colors include ivory, stonewashed, and different hues of white. These colors reflect sun rays to prevent sweating. But since linen creases easily, you might want to look for a suit made from polyester and linen.

For the wedding, pair your linen suit with a gilet, dress shirt, and brown suede shoes. You will need to pay extra attention to the dress shirt. While linen shirts are adequate to pair with suits, a cotton shirt will look even better.

Usually, linen suits are worn as two-piece suits. However, if you are going to be wearing it for your own wedding, we suggest that you pick a three-piece suit. Doing so will allow you to be a show-stopper without overlooking the occasion’s formality.

A Two-Piece Single-Breasted Suit

A two-piece single-breasted suit comprises a coat or a jacket and matching pants. There is no overlapping of fabric, and the jacket has a single column of buttons. It is perfect for weddings and other formal occasions and will offer the most versatility. If you describe your personal style as more classic, a black single-breasted suit is a great idea. On the other hand, for a chic and modern appeal, choose a navy blue custom-fit suit style.

When wearing a navy blue single-breasted suit, pair it with a dress shirt that highlights the color. You can achieve this by opting for a classic white shirt or other muted pastel colors, for instance, pastel pink or pastel blue. Pastel colors do not oddly contrast the dark blue color and will keep the attention focused on the suit.

When choosing a tie to pair with your suit, go for colors like maroon, ruby red, deep green, silver, gold, or navy blue. If you are feeling a bit daring, you can ditch the classic plain black or blue suit and instead opt for a blue checkered pattern. Not only will this retain the traditional suit look, but add a subtle element of uniqueness to the outfit as well. Other unusual patterns that will get your guests talking include checked and pinstripe.

For an alleviated look, you can add a luxurious watch or gold cufflinks and complete the look with burnt brown leather shoes.


Depending on your taste and the theme of the wedding, you can choose your suit components and come up with your own unique style. Whether you are more of a traditional guy with sophisticated taste or a trend-setter with an edge, you will find some inspiration from our guide. We wish you good luck on your big day!

Weddings are among the best places to showcase one’s fashion prowess and be unique at the same time. For the longest time, the ladies have been on the spotlight but it’s time to usher in the gentlemen into the runway. Once they explore their full potential in the world of fashion, they’ll give ladies a run for their money.

Gentlemen’s Wedding Fashion

The grooms and those looking to get married are better placed because they have what it takes to paint the runway red at a wedding. Fashion is all about uniqueness and creativity. This means that anyone interested in making a statement in the world of fashion must be bold enough to try out new mixes.

Fashion has come a long way

A walk down memory lane will reveal a number of instances during which fashion was revived. The greatest designers of old each had a driving force and a target towards which they would work.

Fast forward to the modern day and you will be amazed at the sacrifices made for it to reach its current status. For example, gentlemen had a specific attire that they were expected to wear during wedding functions.

These days, every community around the world is free to come up with new designs that will place them on the map of fashion. The spell of monotony has been broken once and for all and the groom is free to try out various fashion recipes that suit his taste. Men who are getting married are also not left out in the cold as there is something for them as well.

The many sides of fashion

Contrary to popular beliefs, fashion is wide and touches on all other aspects aside from dressing. It is widely perceived that for one to be branded a fashion guru, they need to be in sync with the latest designer wear. In real sense, your hair cut as a man also defines your fashion identity. Designers have taken fashion a notch higher by introducing devices, gadgets such as phones, and speeding machines as part of the dress code.

What to wear to a wedding

It is good to be updated on all the latest ideas on fashion as it helps you upgrade your status as a modern man. This means that you should be up to date with the newest arrivals in the fashion scene.

These include the types of shoes to wear and how to match them up with your outfit. As fate would have it, vintage collections seem to be making their grand entry back into the modern world. In fact, it is taking the fashion gurus by storm and keeps them on their toes regarding the whole issue.

groom getting ready

For example, men’s trouser suspenders are synonymous with the ‘70’s and ‘80’s but surprisingly enough, no modern man leaves the house to attend a wedding without a pair of suspenders. Another thing that has won the hearts of most men and grooms is the hat. They do come in various shapes and sizes. The fedoras take the cake when it comes to classy but formal dressing.

What not to wear to a wedding

We are better off when we respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their personal likes and preferences. However, some items simply don’t count as fashion material and should be avoided at all costs. Some of these include shiny shirts. These are an absolute no-no for any man who understands himself inside out.

They will portray a negative picture of you as a man. Not to mention that you are attending a public and rosy affair such as a wedding where everyone is on the spotlight. As a groom or man looking to be married, avoid the branded tees. A wedding is a formal yet informal event that requires you to be on your best behaviour especially with the kinds of clothes you choose to wear. One more thing, avoid color clashing and stick to matching colors only. Unless you are a circus clown invited to cheer everyone up at the wedding.

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